Toads & Teacups - Tagging Instructions

UPDATE!!!!! The Tagging System will close for tagging at 11:59pm on Sunday, November 4, 2018 to prepare our system for the sale!  No EXCEPTIONS! 

~Before printing disable ALL Pop-up Blockers~

  • Print tags on smooth WHITE card stock (8 1/2 X 11)  No colored cardstock, the scanners do not read colored stock well and this can hold up the line at check-out tremendously!
  • Set your printer to Normal or Draft before printing. This is so that scanners may read printed Barcodes. Attention: Mozilla & Firefox users, you must print in Internet Explorer. There is a glitch in Mozilla & Firefox that will not print the barcodes correctly.
  • Safety pin (ABSOLUTELY NO STRAIGHT PINS) your items in the upper right hand corner of the item with the hanger hook making a question mark. All Prices must be in 50 cent increments and NO ITEMS LESS THAN $2.00.

Also, Specify if you wish for your unsold items to be reduced to Half-Price during the Saturday Sale and if you would like the unsold items to be donated to charity if not sold.

I do prefer that you use my tags provided on my site, but I will accept other consignment tags from another sale (NOTE: NO handwritten OR partially handwritten tags. They must be a real consignment tag with barcode) as long as it is on White cardstock (not computer paper) and your information is clearly provided to us on the tags. It drastically slows down checkout if these requests are not followed.


Although you may be using other consignment sales tags, you still MUST REGISTER WITH our SALE on our site so that we are aware of your registration and alternate seller #. This also helps in keeping you informed of sale information, incentives and reminders. When you register with our sale you will be able to input your alternate seller #. If you consign with any other sales in the area that use you can just transfer your items to our system.

Tags will print 6 per page, so in lieu of saving paper, try and print in multiples of 6. While entering items in our system, it will automatically save your work and you can start where you left off. What a life saver when kids are involved!!!

When tagging and pricing your items the general rule is to price your items at 25-30% of the original price. There are always exceptions depending on the condition of the item. Excellent condition or new with tags could be higher, and name brand items also go for a little more.

~ Reminder: A plastic storage bin, laundry basket, or large box with your name and seller # on it must be left at drop-off. All unsold items will be placed in this when the sale is completed.

Please contact me if you have a large item you plan on consigning (Furniture, Play set, Large Items Etc.) So I may plan accordingly on the sales floor.

To begin Tagging Click Here


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