Toads & Teacups – Consignor Instructions

UPDATE!!!!! The Tagging System will close for tagging at 11:59pm on Sunday, April 21, 2019 to prepare our system for the sale!  No EXCEPTIONS! 


Only white/light-color CARDSTOCK tags will be accepted. ALL Barcodes must be legible and Absolutely NO Handwritten or Partially Handwritten Tags!

Rule of Thumb #1: If you wouldn't buy it, chances are no one else wants it either!!

Rule of Thumb #2: Presentation Matters!! Ironing is the key to selling. (FYI- My top consignor sells over 85% of her items and they are ironed and look FABULOUS!!!)

Rule of thumb #3: Fresh Air & Febreze works Wonders! Want that fresh smelling scent? Once your items are clean, ironed, on the hanger and tagged, take outside and spray with Febreze or just let them soak up the fresh air. I promise it really does work!

All items submitted must be freshly cleaned, free of any stains, rips, tears, and no missing pieces!!!

What You will need:
Size Appropriate Wire or Plastic Hangers, Safety Pins(Silver Preferably), Clear Tape (for large items/toys) Ziploc Bags (for small items or additional pieces), Cardstock (White/light ONLY), Computer and Login for

All clothes should be hung on size appropriate hangers. Typically, clothes should be hung on child-size hangers until about size 6/7. Using adult hangers on small clothes can stretch them, and larger clothing sizes will fall off child-sized hangers. Holding the item in front of you the hanger should be placed with the tip to left making it a question mark. ALL ITEMS MUST BE HUNG APPROPRIATELY OR YOU WILL BE ASKED TO CORRECT IT BEFORE PLACED ON THE SALES FLOOR. Two piece outfits & outfits with accessories should be pinned together with safety pins to prevent separation, with the pants pinned to the top of the hanger on the backside of the shirt. Pants alone should be hung straight & safety pinned at each hip to the top of the hanger.

Small clothing items and Accessories:
Socks, tights, HairBows, Jewelry, Belts, Ties etc.should be grouped accordingly and placed in a Ziploc bag. You may secure the opening with a small piece of clear packaging tape. NO Staples Please!!! 

Must have the laces tied together, your seller # on a piece of masking tape inside each shoe (In case of separation), and the shoes safety pinned or zip tied together. If shoes are small enough, they can also be placed together in a quart size Ziploc bag. No scuffed shoes please!

All loose pieces must be placed in clear Ziploc bags and secured to main item with tape. (Clear packaging tape works best. DO NOT USE scotch tape or masking tape, as it does not adhere to the item). Be Sure that your Seller Number is also on the Ziploc bag in addition to the Main item so we can verify the items belong together or in the case of the items being separated.

Tags on ALL Books, DVD's and games should be taped on with masking tape to the BACK of the book over the original Bar Code, to prevent it from tearing the item.(Clear Packing tape will tear the books!) Games must include all pieces and be taped shut.

When attaching tags to large items with tape be sure to attach securely with CLEAR packaging tape to the side of the tag, not to cover the barcode.

**Now that you know the rules, aren't you ready to make some Extra Money and Shop for some Cute Clothing at a Fraction of the cost of Retail!!!

ALL Consignors will receive 70% of their Sales (Unless Other Incentives are met) minus a registration fee (for Location Rental, Advertisements and On-Line Services).


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